Greencastle Lodge 1592
1/2/2008 - Women of the Moose Chapter 138
present donation to the Putnam County Library. L-R
for the presentation are Barb Rader, Alice
Greenburg(Director of Putnam County Library
receiving), Linda Mundy(Senior Regent rear), Bunny
Hammond (presenting), Thelma Patterson, Faye
Hague, Cletus Jones, Susie McMains, Debbie
Alamo, Laura Dickey. Educational Advancement
Committee Chairman Darlene Cox is not pictured.
WOTM helps child battling illness
Friday, February 29, 2008

Even while battling major medical problems, little Chloe Danyel
Lawler's eyes sparkle and her smile is contagious.
"When you look at her, how precious she is, you just can't help
but feel joy," Southern Council of Higher Degree of Moose
Fraternity President B.J. Keyt said while watching Chloe play
with a Spinoza Bear the group presented her at the Clay County

"There is no greater gift than love, which is why we wanted to give
Chloe this special bear, " Keyt said. The Greencastle and Brazil
Moose Lodge's worked together on the project for Lawler.

After learning of Chloe's medical condition, Keyt said the child was
the clear choice for committee members of the community
service project's quarterly distribution of the bears.

A Spinoza Bear is a therapeutic tool disguised as a cuddly
teddy bear. It is designed to provide sensory stimulation and
companionship to people in need of affection, by using specialized
CDs containing stories of encouragement, relaxation, stress
management and music played on a high quality CD player hidden
Chloe Lawler, 2, hugs and chews on the
ear of her new "friend," a Spinoza Bear,
presented to her by members of the
Southern Council of Higher Degree of
Moose Fraternity at the Clay County
212 West Franklin Street
Greencastle, Indiana 46135
Phone 765-653-5456
Office 765-653-8014

WOTM #138
Clody's One Eye

Benefit for Riley's
Moose gives big to help victims of recent floods
Members of the Greencastle Moose Family Center have been busy preparing
supplies to send to their fellow lodges in Martinsville and Spencer. The supplies will
be given out to members of those organizations and to others who have been
affected by the flood disaster.
Over 40 boxes containing clothing donated by F. B. Distro, canned food given by
Aldi's as well as other supplies from lodge members are awaiting two trucks that
will deliver them to Martinsville and Spencer.
Any items not used by lodge members will go the local Red Cross for distribution.
Full Story in Banner Graphic Online by MARIBETH WARD, Staff Writer
"Chloe's going to love this," Kahleah Lawler said about her daughter's new gift. "Although she's two-years old, she's really only
Born on Aug. 26, 2005 at Terre Haute Union Hospital, doctors told Kahleah and her husband Chris that Chloe was diagnosed with a
care unit.

Two weeks later, while at a consultation at the facial-cranial clinic at Riley Children's Hospital of Indianapolis, a doctor diagnosed
Chloe with a rare disorder, holoprosencephaly.

Holoprosencephaly (HPE) is a disorder caused by the failure of a baby's embryonic forebrain to sufficiently divide into two sections
during the fifth and sixth weeks of pregnancy, resulting in a single-lobed brain structure that can create severe skull and facial defects.

But that wasn't the end of the medical problems. Chloe was also diagnosed with diabetes insipidus, seizure disorder, an
under-developed pituitary gland, hypothyrodism and acid reflux. And, because of the facial deformity, Kahleah said Chloe is fed
through a tube.

"She's unable to eat, but loves to chew, taste foods and feel things in her mouth," Kahleah said. "Liquids scare her a little bit because
she chokes on them. Chloe likes to chew on soft furry things, so this bear is going to get slobbered on a lot."

Undergoing medical treatment and therapy almost on a daily basis, Chloe is unable to walk and will learn to use a wheelchair in a few
months, but she loves music and has her own unique way of dancing.

"She's very music oriented and loves to dance," Kahleah said. "Although Chloe's unable to understand some things, she knows her
daddy's voice."

Chris Lawler, who called during the recent bear presentation to talk to Chloe and her six-and-a-half year-old sister Kylee, is currently
deployed overseas as a Technical Sergeant with the Indiana Air National Guard based in Terre Haute Hulman Field.

"We weren't sure that Chloe would know his voice at first, but when he came home the last time her eyes just lit up and she was so
excited," Kahleah said. "He calls every night to check up on us."

Kahleah admits that life is hectic with the two girls being so active and working full-time at Clay County Head Start as an assistant
teacher, but she is very grateful for her family's help, especially with another little baby girl on the way in June.

HPE can be a genetically inherited, but Kahleah says there is no evidence of Chloe's case being genetic and remains optimistic about
her current pregnancy.

"We will have to do some upgrades on the house as it is not handicap friendly at this time," she said. "With all the daily challenges we
face with Chloe's conditions, she is a joy to behold, and we thank God every day for her."

To learn more about holoprosencephaly (HPE), log on to

Fraternity President BJ Keyt said the Southern Council of Higher Degree of Moose Fraternity would accept nominations from anyone
in the community about "any deserving person, of any age, that needs a little tender loving care."

To nominate someone to receive a Spinoza Bear, contact the Greencastle Moose Lodge at 653-8014 and ask to speak with Keyt
Tommy Moose Donated to Public Safety Agencies
Greencastle Moose Lodge #1592 and Women of the Moose
Community Service Chairman, Cheryl Sexton and Committee
Donate the “Tommy Moose” stuffed animals to Operation Life
Executive Director, Kraig Kinney, Cloverdale Fire Dept. Chief,
Kerry Shepherd, and Putnam Co. Sheriff, Steve Fenwick.
    The “Tommy Moose”, is a unique, soft and cuddly stuffed Moose.  The Tommy Moose wears a red
sweater with “Tommy” embroidered on the front in white.  
    The Tommy Moose is designed to be donated to local Public Safety Agencies to carry in their service
vehicles and are to be given to calm young children in a crisis situation.  It’s something a child can hold onto
when scared.  Troopers can also give the Tommy Moose to children whose parents’ car is broken down on the
side of the road.  
    Sometimes this just gets the kids mind off of the situation they are in.  Agencies can use the Tommy
Moose to just break the ice with children who are in a crisis situation.  
Our firefighters, ambulance crews, and law enforcement all come in contact with frightened children almost on a
daily basis.  
Read a full story in the Greencastle Banner Graphic By MARIBETH WARD, Staff Writer
    Women of the Moose, Senior Regent, Debbie Alamo
    Women of the Moose Community Service Chairman, Cheryl Sexton
    Moose Lodge Administrator:  Tim Spurlock
    Moose Lodge Governor:  Joe Barker
Greencastle Moose provides location
for Free Eye Screenings for children.
September 13, 2008, The Doctors from Riley's
visited Greencastle and provided free vision
screenings for children. They set up at the
Greencastle Moose Lodge from 10 am til 2 pm
while the golf scramble was going on. Several
parents brought their children for the screenings
and some received early detection results that
otherwise they may never of known.................
Pictured above is Terry Clodfelter getting a pre screening before the
Ophthalmologists begin with the children. The free screenings were able to be
done because of the benefits from
Clody's One Eye Golf Scramble for Riley's.
The equipment used was purchased last year with the proceeds from Clody's
One Eye Golf Benefit.
The picture at left is the scanner that was being used Saturday.
Cody's One Eye has raised over $100,000 over the past 12 years. This amount
was the result of the 12th annual Clody’s One Eye Golf Scramble held in
September 2007, at Old Hickory Golf Course in Greencastle, IN.
    The All Putnam County Clubs and Lodges Benefit for
Riley Kids had a great turn out. Over 350 people attended the benefit held at the
Greencastle Moose Lodge, raising over $8,500. People had plenty of fun and
entertainment provided by the  
Shoes and Strings Band. The committee is planning
this event again next year.
    Derick Ward (at left, click to enlarge) becomes a major individual contributor
for the Riley Kids with his $300 purchase for tour of the Indianapolis Colts Complex
and another $150 purchase of an Indianapolis Colts autograph Superbowl Football
of  Kelvin Hayden's touchdown reception.
                                  Thank You Derick
McDonalds House.

The group of Danny Wallace, Becky Wallace, Bev Steele, and
Tim Spurlock presented checks for over $8,000.
Danny Wallace who chaired this 1st annual event recruited
several volunteers throughout the county who formed a
committee and made the event suuccessful. Tim Spurlock the
Greencastle Moose administrator loaned use of the Moose
Lodge and facilities to help the event along.

The committee greatly thanks local merchants, businesses, and
Industries for their donations.
This committee and Danny Wallace are looking forward to next
years event all ready scheduled November 14, 2009.
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Moose Legion
June 2008
April 25, 26, 2009
Women of the Moose Chapter 138 recently participated in the
Relay for Life to fight cancer at Blackstock Stadium. The Women raised
$1545.25 from their walk and campsite. For more about
Relay for Life visit
their website at The women permitted pictures to be posted.
Click here to see pictures.
Well done Women!!!!!!!
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