Greencastle Lodge 1592
"From the Administrator's Corner"
As you may have already heard the wonderful rumor. We as Greencastle Moose Family
Center received The New International Lodge Premier Award. We was the only lodge in
the State of Indiana to receive the high award and we was only one out of twenty seven in
the nation who received the award.. It is the highest award received in our role in community
service programs, with an increase in membership, and more assest from the past year.
Each of you should be very proud to belong to such a great family center. We are the best.
Congratulations to ALL.
Tim Spurlock
Premier Lodge Award Info.pdf  
Premier Lodge Award Checklist.pdf
June 2008
    Sunday September 28

    Women of the Moose College of Regents ceremonies celebrated awards for Maureen Simpson,
    recipient of her Green Cap, and Mabel Nees recieved her Red Tassel. Various visitors throughout
    the State attended from the Loyal Order of the Moose and Women of the Moose College of
    Guest speaker State Deputy Grand Regent Leann Miller of Elkhart proudly announced that
    Greencastles Women of the Moose Chapter 138 ranks Number One in the State of Indiana, Lean
    proudly stated her chapter from Elkhart ranked fifth. More information can be obtained from Senior
    Regent Debbie Alamo, at 653-2890.   
212 West Franklin Street
Greencastle, Indiana 46135
Phone 765-653-5456
Office 765-653-8014
WOTM #138
Clody's One Eye

Benefit for Riley's
Greencastle Moose makes history   11/12/2008
    For the first time ever, Greencastle Moose Lodge 1592/Chapter 138 is mentioned in the Moose
International Magazine issue Nov/Dec/Jan. Read article on page 33 Community Service section.

And History Maker #2    11/12/2008
    Greencastle Moose is being forementioned with the 1st Annual All Putnam County Clubs & Lodges
Benefit for Riley's.   Moose International has mentioned plans of working together with other lodges within
each individual communities. Lodges such as the Eagles, Elks, VFW, American Legion and Lions Clubs.
    But Greencastle without any knowledge of these plans succeeded way ahead of their times by going
with the 1st Annual All Putnam County Clubs & Lodges Benefit for Riley Kids. For full story see Mr. Tim
Spurlock, Moose Administrator.
Old News

MOOSE LODGE had busy weekend July 19 & 20, 2008
Several Moose members went to Mooseheart on the bus trip. UAW Local 2382 reserved lodge ball room for
summer picnic. And on Sunday a Benefit for JR Frazier who is battling leukemia. UAW Local 2382 donates
remainder of food to JR's Benefit. UAW member Craig Lopossa donates his raffle prize (lawn canopy) item to
be re-raffled to JR's benefit. UAW Local 2382 had 151 union members attend their dinner and festivities.
Moose Calendar
WOW! We can find the Moose
Lodge. The two pine trees planted
by Jesse Gorham out grew the
building. They were so big the
Moose sign could not be seen from
any direction. On Sunday June 28,
Jeremy Voege, Zach Young, DJ
Shillings, and Richard Neese
removed them.
Sorry Jesse    Click pic to enlarge.
July 27, 2009
Winner Winner
Chicken Dinner
Moose Legion raffled a new set of golf clubs and winner is ...
Alicia Linton
The clubs were presented to her by, Moose Governor Butch
Alexander and Moose Legionaire Mike Dunscombe.
Greencastle Moose Lodge No. 1592 and the Women of the
Moose plush characters to emergency responders in Putnam
County every year. Handing out Moose and accepting them
are Maurica Anderson, Susie McMains, Mandy Jellison,
Jenna Price, Katie Price, and Lee Price, fire chief at Madison
Township Fire Department, Dan Heavin, Fillmore Fire Chief
and Bob Bills, President of Fillmore Fire Department and
Alicia Linton and Deb Spurlock.
    Children in crisis situations will
have a new comfort measure thanks to
the Greencastle Moose Lodge and
Women of the Moose. The group
recently donated the stuffed animals to
public safety agencies to be used to help
comfort children who are in distress.
The Tommy Moose is a soft cuddly
stuffed moose dressed in a red sweater
with the name "Tommy" embroidered
across the front.

"Emergency people can give Tommy
moose to a child. It's something for them
to hold onto when they are scared.
Whether their parents' car is broken
down on the side of the road or it is
another situation," said Women of the
Moose Youth Involvement Chairman
Mandy Jellison.
 Read full story .........
Banner Graphic Staff Writer-
October 18, 2009
Greencastle Women of the Moose had plenty to
celebrate this weekend at the State Convention in
Indianapolis. For details and information see the WOTM
Click here for all the pictures.
November 16, 2009
As of 5:00 pm today the unofficial sum raised
is over $13,000.Danny Wallace says it may
be a couple months before all pledges are
paid. At that time the official results will be
announced. Plans are to give Riley's &
Ronald McDonald House the benefit results,
sometime spring 2010, actual date TBA.

The All Clubs Committee also would like to
thank all those who brought in food items to
Spurlock will be taking these items up to the
Senior Center later this week.
January 23, 2010
The All Clubs Benefit for Rileys and Ronald McDonald
got their final talley. Pictured with WOTM and
Chairman Danny Wallace a check for $14,350 will be
distributed to the recipients.
February 2012
Congratulations to: 2012 Moose State Pool
Tournament Champion Jim Sickles pictured at below
bringing the lodge trophy to Greencastle from
Richmond. Pictured are Past Governor Butch
Alexander (L) and Greencastle's Pool Chairman
Darrell Jackson (R). Click on picture to enlarge.
February 2012
Other Winners at the Moose State Pool
Tournament held at Richmond, IN are pictured
below. Mark Lewis, Wayne Smedley, Jim Sickles,
and Randall Wilson. Click on picture to enlarge.
Congratulations to Ron Rose; Greencastle Moose
of the Year Award 2013 - Pic below
Butch Alexander (L) and Pete Alamo(R)
Congratulations to Bradley Hanlon -
Rookie of the Year 2013: Pic below with Pete
Alamo(L) Butch Alexander(R)