Greencastle Lodge 1592
Indiana Moose Bring 820 Members To Child
City on Beautiful Sunday; Present 4 Vehicles Worth
$100K, Other Gifts For Mooseheart Kids

MOOSEHEART, IL, July 15 -- Indiana Day at
Mooseheart, for more than a decade the last Sunday in
July, has too often seemed to bring either heavy rain or
humid 100-degree heat.

With a move to the middle Sunday of the month for
2007, the weather couldn't have been more perfect:
Clear skies, 80 degrees and low humidity.

With numerous buses and scores of autos bringing a
total of 820 men and women of the Indiana Moose
along with family members to the Child City campus, the
visitors reveled in the beautiful weather as they enjoyed
District-by-District picnics, each complete with grilled
burgers and bratwursts.

It almost seemed a shame to move the festivities indoors
to the Fieldhouse for the 1:30 p.m. program.

But Mooseheart Executive Director Scott Hart was glad
they did -- for inside the Fieldhouse, the Moose of the
Hoosier State had fully four brand-new vehicles ready
to formally present to the campus -- two 15-passenger
vans, a pickup truck with snowplow, and a utility truck.

Indiana Moose Association President Ray Mitchell
noted that the Moose of his state had raised "only"
$100,000 of a Mooseheart-vehicles goal of $150,000
so far, therefore only four of a planned total of six
vehicles could be purchased and presented. "But we
should take care of the rest of that before the end of the
year, I would hope," Mitchell said confidently.

As always, Indiana Day meant a happy bit of Christmas
in July for dozens of Mooseheart children -- those
hailing from the state of Indiana, those who are
registered as Sunshine Children from Indiana Lodges
and Chapters, and the elementary- and middle-school
age girls who live in Indiana Home on the campus.
These students beamed as they received an assortment
of new bicycles and other gifts, gift cards, and checks
(the latter of which are headed to the appropriate
students' savings accounts)

And, the visiting Indiana Moose were entertained as
well by flutist Sarah Reuter, 12, a sixth-grader at
Mooseheart, who played both "One Hand, One Heart"
from the Broadway musical West Side Story; and the
traditional hymn "Amazing Grace" -- both accompanied
on the keyboard by Mooseheart Band Director Steve

Aaron and Blake Madden given new bikes from the
Greencastle Moose presented by Tim
Spurlock/Administrator.   More - click here for
Greencastle Moose Sunshine Kids
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Greencastle, Indiana 46135
Phone 765-653-5456
Office 765-653-8014

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